Galilee’s environmentally focused farm was founded in 1992 after a team of aquaculture professionals imported Russian sturgeon directly from the Caspian Sea. The offspring of those sturgeon are raised in conditions that closely mimic their natural habitat. Galilee’s operation is located near the main source of the Jordanian River, which flows abundantly with crystal clear waters from the peaks of Mount Hermon. 

Its aquafarm is one of the world’s most technologically advanced and sustainable aquafarms of its kind. More than 500,000 Caspian sturgeons are raised here thriving in natural oxygen-rich water. STUR’S Royal Osetra caviar is selected from a few of Galilee’s most exquisite breeds, making our caviar consists of the most perfect taste and texture.

Our Sturgeon are raised in large tanks made of stone worked by locally sourced artisanal stonemasons, giving an authentically natural feel to the production site on land. Integrating the site into its environment is a basic requirement for Acipenser builders.

The entire growing circuit is powered by gravity. Owing to the natural dynamics of the river, our system does not use any hydraulic pumps and therefore no electricity. Females produce their first eggs within the ages of 5 through 9 years, then we prepare in our approved, European-standard processing plant. It’s average size pearls (from 2.4mm in diameter) give the caviar rich colors ranging from amber brown, raven black to anthracite grey.

Sustainable, eco-friendly sturgeon farming relies on the purity of fresh water which is why we developed a 100% eco-friendly farm. We believe in working harmoniously with nature. Our sturgeon grows in a nearly mimicked wild environment, preserving its breed, taste, and quality.

This pristine ecosystem mimics a wild-growing environment and lends itself to the enhanced taste and quality of our Kaluga caviar, otherwise known as ‘Black Gold’. STUR Caviar offers the highest quality farmed caviar with responsible caviar harvesting practices that improve the sublime flavor and experience.