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Royal Osetra Caviar is definitely one of the most sought after caviar types in the world ! STUR’S Royal Osetra Caviar contains a rich buttery, creamy flavor profile with a traditional ocean-like finish. Consisting of large mild beads of roe with a diameter of about 2.8-3.1mm in size. Giving our Osetra Caviar a wonderful pop and finish!

Name: Royal Osetra Caviar 

Species: Acipenser Gueldenstaedtti

Flavor Profile: Creamy, Buttery, Mild

Texture: Firm Pop 

Egg Color: Amber/Golden Green

Egg Size: Large (2.8-3.1mm)

Shelf Life

Freshly Packed per order. Un-opened 4-6 weeks refrigerated.

Once opened, consume within 72 hours. Highly recommended to consume within 1 week of purchasing.


This product is perishable and will be shipped by Overnight Shipping. Approximate shipping time is 1 business day.

Royal Osetra Sturgeon caviar

The term "Osetra" derived from the term "Oсетрa". The osetra is also known as Oscietra, Osetra, or Asetra. Osetra caviar is a sturgeon species or osetra fish eggs and it is produced from the acipenser gueldenstaedtii fish. The royal osetra caviar is one of the world's most sought-after caviar varieties! However, considering caviars, the osetra is the most expensive.

How much does Osetra caviar cost?

Stur's royal osetra caviar features six distinct rewards based on the weight and quantity of the caviar. Prices for osetra caviar range from $150 for 100 grammes to $850 for 500 grammes. Use our promotional codes to get the best deal.

What does Osetra caviar taste like?

The flavor profile of STUR'S royal osetra caviar is rich, buttery, and creamy, with a traditional ocean-like finish. It's made of large mild roe beads.

How does Stur Osetra Sturgeon Caviar look like?

Astra caviar has a black to dark grey hue with gold and jade sparkles in its natural state. Osetra caviar gains a wonderful pop and finish! with its diameter ranging from 2.8 to 3.1mm.

Which is best place to find royal osetra caviar?

Indulge in the most exquisite dining experience with Sturcaviar's luscious caviar! We are proud to offer one of America’s best-selling caviars, serving up our fresh royal osetra directly across the country. Our commitment to ensuring each dish is a luxurious yet unique delight drives us and encourages you to discover these delicious delights for yourself today – order your first taste online now!

How much discount I can get on royal osetra caviar?

Create a lavish feast with Royal Osetra Caviar for less! Enjoy great savings of up to 25% off on select items - and if you order over $300 worth, delivery is free. Step into luxury without breaking the bank when discovering our dreamy lineup of new offers so start browsing now or risk missing out on something special!

Can I Recommended caviars to my parents?

Caviar is a luxurious seafood that provides an abundance of health benefits. Not only does it come from various species of sturgeon, but according to some American doctors, consuming caviar can provide valuable proteins and improve the quality of life for older age groups. With its unique taste and nutritional potentials, indulge in this delicate delicacy no matter your age!

Where can I find affordable caviar list?

If you're seeking luxurious, top-tier caviars at an affordable price, Sturcaviar has your back. Our royal Osetra caviars are the best quality in the industry and come with some of the most competitive prices on offer - so why compromise for anything less? Browse our selection today to experience caviar like never before!

What is the pro & cons of royal Osetra caviar?

If you're looking to add a little luxury into your next meal, look no further than royal osetra caviar! This product offers the best of both worlds; its golden hue adds an attractive garnish that all at once enhances presentation while also adding a creamy and nutty flavor to elevate any dish. Despite being considered high-end cuisine with prices slightly higher than other caviars, Sturcaviar ensures superb quality for every purchase--so enjoy our royally upscaled caviars without fear or worry about breaking the bank by taking advantage of our amazing discounts and special offers!