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The delightful flavor of Imperial Kaluga Caviar has made it one of the world’s most favorited caviars on the market. Often referred to as “River Beluga” the hybrid Kaluga Caviar is the sustainable answer to the endangered Beluga or European sturgeon population. STUR’S Imperial Kaluga Caviar contains a mild buttery and creamy flavor profile with a very subtle finish. Consisting of large firm roe with a diameter of about 3-3.3mm in size. Giving our Kaluga Caviar a wonderful pop and finish!


Name: Imperial Kaluga Hybrid Caviar 

Species: Huso Dauricus x Acipenser Dauricus

Flavor Profile: Creamy, Buttery, Mild

Texture: Firm Pop 

Egg Color: Amber

Egg Size: Large (3.2-3.5mm)

Shelf Life

Freshly Packed per order. Un-opened 4-6 weeks refrigerated.

Once opened, consume within 72 hours. Highly recommended to consume within 1 week of purchasing.


This product is perishable and will be shipped by Overnight Shipping. Approximate shipping time is 1 business day.

Kaluga Caviars

The kaluga is also known as the beluga river. The kaluga is one of the largest freshwater sturgeon species in the actinopterygii family. Imperial kaluga caviar's delectable taste has made it one of the most popular caviars on the market. A single female river beluga sturgeon can lay up to 700,000 eggs, but only around one out of every 50,000 will survive. The hybrid kaluga caviar, also known as "River Beluga," is the long-term solution to the endangered beluga or European sturgeon population.

What is the cost of Stur's Kaluga Caviar?

Kaluga hybrid caviars are the most expensive and delicious caviars in the world. In general, imperial kaluga caviar will cost more than $100 for 0.5 ounce. However, hybrid kaluga sturgeon caviar costs $30 for 0.5 ounce. Prices for Stur's royal kaluga caviar range from $150 for 100 grammes (3.5 ounces) to $850 for 500 grammes (17.5OZ). Use our discount codes to get the greatest deal. For your convenience, Sturcaviars will provide you with gift covers.

What does hybrid kaluga caviar tastes?

The flavor profile of stur's imperial kaluga caviar is gently buttery, moderately salty, and creamy, with a very faint finish. Consisting of large firm roe.

How does stur hybrid kaluga sturgeon caviar look?

The river beluga sturgeon caviar has its unique color. The true color of Kaluga fish caviars will be grey, but you will find dark brown and olive green. Kaluga caviar gains a wonderful pop and finish! with its diameter ranging from 3 to 3.3 mm.

Which is the best Kaluga caviar brand?

In the vast ocean of offerings, choosing a reliable and trusted brand for river kaluga caviar is no easy feat. However, rest assured knowing that we are here to guide you through this process with our top-notch selection of caviars from only premium brands in the USA!

Where can I find top rated Imperial kaluga caviar?

Are you looking for some of the finest caviar available on the market today? Then look no further than Stucaviar, one of online's highest rated suppliers. With top-notch quality control and freshness standards, this imperial Kaluga caviar is sure to satisfy even the most adventurous foodie! When it comes to luxury gourmet delicacies like hybrid caviars, Sturcaviar delivers with excellence

How to compare gold color & black color caviar?

Kaluga and Siberian caviars are luxurious delicacies that every chef dreams of showcasing on their dishes. Both have a delicate taste and enchanting golden or black colour, but the difference between them lies within the size of fish eggs - perfect for adding an extra touch to any dish!

What is the purpose of having caviars?

Royalty have long feasted upon the luxurious and decadent caviars of Kaluga, their golden hue befittingly conveying its status as a delicacy. But now everyone can enjoy these flavorful treats for themselves - free from worry about cost or quality- thanks to modern production practices that make them accessible on any budget.

What is the best offer you can get?

Why settle for anything less than the best? Sturcaviar has something to offer everyone. We've got all the discounts available so that you can experience the different flavors of caviar. Get free shipping on your purchase over $300 plus enjoy up to 25% off special offers based on occasion - don't miss out!