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The delightful flavor of Imperial Kaluga Caviar has made it one of the world’s most favorited caviars on the market. Often referred to as “River Beluga” the hybrid Kaluga Caviar is the sustainable answer to the endangered Beluga or European sturgeon population. STUR’S Imperial Kaluga Caviar contains a mild buttery and creamy flavor profile with a very subtle finish. Consisting of large firm roe with a diameter of about 3.0-3.3mm in size. Giving our Kaluga Caviar a wonderful pop and finish!

Kaluga caviar is often prized for its rich, buttery flavor, which makes it the perfect introductory caviar. Its extra large grains are bigger in size when compared to those of Osetra and Siberian Sturgeon caviars, which makes it attractive for those looking for a larger bead with a firm pop. 


- 8 oz Crème fraîche

- 36 pc French Cocktail Blinis

- Mother of Pearl Spoons for each tin of caviar included

- Gold Caviar Tin Openers for each tin of caviar included

For example, if you order 2 Gift Sets of 100 g, you will receive 2x100 g Imperial Kaluga Caviar tins, 1 Creme Fraiche, 1 pack of French Cocktail Blinis, 2 Mother of Pearl Spoons, and 2 Gold Caviar Tin Openers. 


Name: Imperial Kaluga Hybrid Caviar 

Species: Huso Dauricus x Acipenser Dauricus

Flavor Profile: Creamy, Buttery, Mild

Texture: Firm Pop 

Egg Color: Amber

Egg Size: Extra Large (3.0-3.3mm)

Shelf Life

Freshly Packed per order. Un-opened 4-6 weeks refrigerated.

Once opened, consume within 72 hours. Highly recommended to consume within 1 week of purchasing.


This product is perishable and will be shipped by Overnight Shipping. Approximate shipping time is 1 business day.

Imperial Kaluga Caviar Gift Set

Looking for the perfect gift? Look no further than Stur's Kaluga Caviar gift set. This exceptional caviar gift box is full of indulgent and luxurious treats. Each Imperial Kaluga caviar gift include more than just the exquisite roe; we also provide a necessary tin opener, elegant mother-of-pearl spoons for serving, along with creme fraiche and blinis for the perfect caviar flight. Whether you choose to savor it alone with dry wine or on blinis with creme fraiche, Stur's Kaluga caviar is sure to make any meal or occasion memorable!

The Imperial Kaluga Caviar has a unique taste that is both nutty and creamy. It is one of the most coveted varieties of caviar in the world due to its delicate flavor and large eggs. The Tsar Imperial Gold Reserve has a mild nutty flavor with sweet undertones and its deep golden hue makes it a favourite among caviar connoisseurs. The Legend of The Caspian Sea has a robust flavor that is slightly briny with notes of truffle and hazelnut while the Osetra Prestige has a smooth subtle flavor that pairs perfectly with chilled champagne or vodka.

Why are Imperial Kaluga Caviar Gift Sets the best choice?

Our Imperial Kaluga caviar is more affordable than our Osetra and Siberian Sturgeon caviars, making it a perfect option for gifts. It also has a more creamy, buttery taste with a mild finish that reveals itself in firm pearls on the palate. Its affordable price, high quality, and buttery flavor makes for the perfect gourmet experience like no other that can be enjoyed even by those who aren't fans of caviar!

What does the Kaluga Caviar Gift Set contain?

Enjoy the finest gourmet delicacy with this luxurious Kaluga Hybrid Caviar Gift Set! Choose from 1 to 5 gifts sets, each containing 50-500 grams of buttery caviar and accompanied by two spoons for serving. Prices range between $250-$650 per gift set - all complete with a gold tin opener, mother of pearl spoon, blinis, and creme fraiche, making it an ideal gourmet gift for any occasion.

How can I receive the best offer on these caviar gift sets?

Explore amazing offers and discounts on our wide selection of caviars during holidays and special occasions! Stay up to date on offers by signing up to our newsletter and receive 15% off your first order when you do!

How long will the caviar last?

At the perfect temperature and with a freshly packed tin, our caviar can be stored in your refrigerator for between 4-6 weeks. Do not freeze your caviar. Once you've broken open the seal of your Imperial Kaluga caviar tin, savor every single moment: all that delicious flavor is best enjoyed within 72 hours of opening!

What is so special about this caviar gift box?

Surprise your loved ones with something they would never expect - a decadent caviar gift set! We are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality and taste and making sure that every detail of the presentation is perfect, so you can rest assured that when it arrives on their doorstep all expectations will be exceeded!