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The mild, nutty flavor of Premium Siberian Sturgeon Caviar has brought it popularity on the world's caviar market in recent decades. Often, it is used as a substitute for Osetra caviar due to its similar flavor. Consisting of medium-large firm roe with a diameter of about 2.5-2.9mm in size, giving our Siberian Sturgeon caviar a lighter pop and wonderful finish!

Siberian Sturgeon caviar tends to have a milder flavor compared to Osetra, making it appealing to those who prefer a less intense taste. The mildness allows for a nuanced experience that is not overpowering on the palate. It is also more affordable than Osetra Caviar due to its larger availability.


- 8 oz Crème fraîche

- 36 pc French Cocktail Blinis

- Mother of Pearl Spoons for each tin of caviar included

- Gold Caviar Tin Openers for each tin of caviar included

For example, if you order 2 Gift Sets of 100 g, you will receive 2x100 g Premium Siberian Sturgeon Caviar tins, 1 Creme Fraiche, 1 pack of French Cocktail Blinis, 2 Mother of Pearl Spoons, and 2 Gold Caviar Tin Openers. 


Name: Premium Siberian Sturgeon 

Species: Acipenser Baerii

Flavor Profile: Complex, Creamy, Nutty

Texture: Delicate Pop 

Egg Color: Dark Black to Grey Hues

Egg Size: Medium-Large (2.5-2.9mm)

Shelf Life

Freshly Packed per order. Un-opened 4-6 weeks refrigerated.

Once opened, consume within 72 hours. Highly recommended to consume within 1 week of purchasing.


This product is perishable and will be shipped by Overnight Shipping. Approximate shipping time is 1 business day.

Premium Siberian Caviar Gift Set

At Stur, we offer the ultimate luxury with our premium Siberian caviar gift boxes. Our curated caviar gift sets are sure to impress even the most discerning of seafood aficionados. Each set contains fresh, top-grade Siberian Sturgeon caviar, ready to be served as an appetizer or enjoyed as part of a gourmet main course.

Stur's premium Siberian caviar sets include more than just the exquisite roe; we also provide a necessary tin opener, elegant mother-of-pearl spoons for serving, along with creme fraiche and blinis for the perfect caviar flight. Whether you choose to savor it with champagne or add it as a flavorful garnish to other dishes, Stur's Siberian Sturgeon black caviar is sure to elevate any meal into a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

How soon will I receive the Premium Siberian Sturgeon Caviar Gift Set?

No need to fret - your delectable caviar gift set is safely on its way! Our dedicated team ensures prompt delivery within one business day (so long as you order before 12 PM) so that it reaches you quickly and efficiently. Customer satisfaction is always our top priority, allowing us to provide the best service possible with each order.

Which is the best luxury caviar gift set to present?

Treat the special people in your life to a truly luxurious gift with our Siberian Sturgeon caviar - an unforgettable gourmet experience for all ages! However, if you're looking to spend more money and try a more premium caviar, we recommend our Royal Osetra caviar. Our product pages include detailed information about pricing and offers that you won't want to miss.

How many servings does each gift have?

Make your dining experience truly special with our premium caviar gift sets! Each set contains between one to five delicious tins of caviar, accompanied by flaky blinis, mother of pearl spoons and golden tin openers. Perfect for intimate parties or gathering among friends - treat yourself to a unique culinary moment that will last a lifetime! Or, give the best gift to your loved ones as there are enough tin openers and spoons as there are tins in each set!

What is the price range of gift sets?

Siberian Caviar Gift Set Price is highly reasonable when purchased from Stur Caviar! Affordable yet still offering award-winning quality from renowned producers such as ValorCaviar or Caspian Sea Opal Selection Caviar – both employing craftsmanship that has been perfected over decades – it’s no wonder why Stur Caviar remains one of the leading names in luxury foods today. Not only do we offer high-quality yet affordable delicacies including Osetra Caviar and Kaluga Caviar that can cost thousands of dollars at other caviar companies, but we also provide outstanding customer service so your purchase experience is always smooth and pleasant!

Is caviar good for you?

Caviar is a concentrated source of several essential nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for heart health, brain function, and reducing inflammation. It also contains high-quality protein, vitamins such as vitamin B12, and minerals like selenium. Siberian Sturgeon caviar is more delectable and pristine than Hackleback, Paddlefish, Bowfin, White Sturgeon, and other introductory caviars, and it provides a unique flavor profile that is sure to satisfy any palate.